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Wee Care Day Care is the perfect place to send your school ager for summertime care. Many of our school agers have siblings in the infant-toddler or preschool rooms, and it is convenient for parents of multiple kids to be able to drop them all off in one safe secure place. We also make it easy for parents to spend time with their child by participating in any of our fun filled summer camp activities.

Enjoy a summer of fun and learning

We help your child make the most of their summer. They will have fun with old and new friends, while still furthering their education. Children are excited to be out of school for the summer and not be stuck at a desk. We want your child to have fun and spend a lot of time outdoors, while still learning.


Our trained and knowledgeable staff puts lots of care and work into lesson plans and theme weeks that are the latest in fun activities for your child. We offer free play so your child can embrace their own creativity and interests, as well as planned activities and field trips.

 •  Age appropriate activities

 •  Weekly field trips

 •  Weekly themes to promote learning

 •  Large muscle development

 •  Creative arts programs

 •  Planned group activities

 •  Socializations skills

Providing Blakely's school agers with a great summer camp experience for over 20 years! Call us for a tour today.

Kids summer camp

Summer means a lot of times spent outdoors enjoying the weather! Our trained staff is equipped to provide a safe summertime experience for your child.

Group activities

Summer activities to remember

Convenience is key in summertime care

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson